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"As an active person and former competitive tennis player, I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and to stay in shape.  Pilates is one of the most challenging workouts that I've ever attempted.  After my first mat class, I was shocked at the weakness of my core.  I was immediately impressed by Gina's knowledge of the body and ability to assess my specific needs. Through mat classes at Thrive and private sessions, I am learning amazing technique and pushing my body to new limits."


"Philly Power Yoga definitely is much better than Bikram Yoga in many respects - quality of instruction, decor, smell, and instructors.  Kelly and Troy are especially nice, knowledgeable, and helpful - I'd definitely recommend that anyone to try to get in one of their classes! The Power Yoga class is considerably challenging as you're doing Vinyasa-qsue, fast-paced yoga in a heated (though not unbearably hot) room.   For novices or people like myself who don't do yoga too often, I'd definitely recommend beginning with the Beginner Yoga class.  Overall, this is a great and very reasonably priced place to learn and practice yoga in Philadelphia."


"I own a fitness studio in my hometown and always love going to new places in different cities to check them out. I scheduled a class online for the 90 minute power yoga class with Sara at Philly Power Yoga. The location is perfect in Rittenhouse Square area and the studio is quaint and peaceful ... Overall I highly recommend this studio and I'm very particular with high standards, especially because I own my own place."


"WOW. I am so happy I found this yoga studio. The classes are pretty full so you have to sign up ahead of time, but the portal is very easy to use. Steve's class is hard, but soooo good. The room is heated to 90 degrees, it was really hot the first time I was there, but you acclimate to it very quickly. I find that I am able to hold position longer and with more ease in the studio, I think that has to do with the temperature in the room.  I bought the yelp deal ... Worth it!."


"I am a yoga newbie.  I thought yoga would be a nice relaxing way to spend an evening. Wow. I was wrong, what a workout!  But I am glad I was wrong.  So far from the two beginner classes I have attended I have had aching abs, glutes, and quads! The instructors are great and very helpful for newbies.  I ended up signing up for a month which for new students is only $40.  I also had a yelp deal so it was only $30 for an entire month.  They have beginner classes a few nights a week at very convenient times..."
"Thrive Pilates is the best thing that has happened to me in 2010! After searching for a Pilates studio that could fit my hectic school & work schedule, I found myself at Thrive. The instructors are wonderful and the intimate environment allows for individual attention and the ability to get much feedback. I love everything about Pilates and kickboxing! Everyone is so friendly and non judgmental. I do hope that they offer more evening classes and add another kickboxing! It's the most fun form of cardio! Great environment, great people!"


"Thrive is a hidden gem in the Rittenhouse Square area. Before finding Thrive, I had taken pilates classes at a local gym for approximately 2 years. When I came to Thrive, I met instructors who are passionate about pilates and love to help students improve. There are many classes available at all times of the day, 7 days a week. The rates are very reasonable, with discounts for students!"
"I cannot say enough good things about the teachers at PPY. I've probably had a class with each one of the teachers here, and I've enjoyed them all. Some classes are a bit calmer than others, some are more physically difficult, but in the end, they all challenge you to push yourself to your limit and to give your body what it needs. Need a break? Take it. Thirsty? Have some water. Gotta pee? Go ahead. They're not as serious as some other studios I've gone to, which is really refreshing. Not only that, but everyone here is so nice... Coming to class regularly really gives you a chance to get to know your teachers, fellow yogis and yoginis..."



"Wow. Well what can I say...this place rocks for so many reasons. Hally Bayer is at the helm of Thrive Pilates, which is the Pilates "arm" of PhillyPowerYoga. She is fantastic, and her instructors are all very different but have their own unique way of teaching pilates. The studio resides upstairs from PPY on the second floor. it's conveniently located right off of Rittenhouse Square. I've actually taken private lessons with Hally for some time now, so when she went to start the new program at PPY, I obviously wanted to see what it was like. The vibe at the classes is really nice...communal. Whatever level you're at, there's a spot for you in a mat class. People are friendly, instructors are helpful. Overall a good spot to learn Power Pilates in a friendly, approachable environment. There's a lot more room in this studio than others I've been in, so the mat classes easily fit 12+ people at a time."