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your monthly guest pass


 your member discount


Each member gets 1 guest pass once a month in order to bring a friend or family member to a class at the studio.  Follow the directions below in order to redeem your monthly guest pass.  The code will change on the first of each month, and can be used once per guest.


1. Your friend must create an account online and choose a class to register for.

2. After choosing the class and adding name to the class roster, the system will prompt them to purchase a package.

3. Choose any of the drop-in or single class options for each class type.

4. Have your friend use the promo code : MemberGuest10  at checkout after registering for class.


This guarantees a spot in class as well as gives a 100% discount to the drop-in price.  Please do not "drop-in" with your guest.  This may be used once per month per member.
Each guest may use the code only once.


Each member receives a 10% discount on the following services:


  • Single private sessions in yoga or pilates. (The discount does not apply to package pricing.)
  • Workshops & Labs & Play-Shops and select special events. 

The member discount code is: Member10

Type in this code at checkout of the above services to automatically receive your discount at any time!


early class sign-in


1 month of classes is added to your account automatically via an auto-pay charge to your credit card for 6 or 12 months on the date that you purchase your membership.  You will receive a receipt via email monthly for this charge.


You are able to sign in to classes up to 60 days ahead of time, as well as book recurring reservations for classes PAST your current month of classes.


Members have access to the "Sign-In Unpaid" button.  This button appears automatically when you make reservations past your current month.  Hit this button in order to sign up for the classes you like and the system automatically clears out the "unpaid" classes, when your new membership month goes through!



studio class cancellation policy

Late cancellation fee applies 

Unlike class card holders or drop-in students who are charged for missing or late cancelling each class, members get 1 free missed class/late cancels each calendar month. More than 1 late cancel, result in a $10 per class charge added automatically to your next membership payment.  


We understand that things come up last minute sometimes.  However, we want to encourage you to attend all the classes you sign up for and to cancel if you can't make it with notice so that you don't hold a place in class for another student eager to take your place.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!


freezing your membership

PPYTP Auto-Pay Memberships (anything purchased August 2014 - current)

As a member, you are welcome to freeze or suspend your PPYTP membership. Suspensions require a two-week notice prior to your freeze date. If you are going on vacation, traveling for business or experiencing an injury, freezing your membership is a great option. Please note that we do not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. Your membership must be active for one month prior to cancellation. The freezing of memberships is not contingent upon your billing dates, you can suspend mid-date. Start Date and number of total freeze days is required for approval. You may freeze for any time period between 14 days and 3 months, no less, no more, no exceptions. Please review the following freeze policy listed below prior to submitting your freeze request to


Freeze Policy

"I understand that I can suspend my membership if submitted at least 2 weeks prior to my freeze start date. I understand that if my automatic billing goes through prior to a start freeze date, it will not be refunded. I understand that I can only freeze my membership once in a calendar year for up to three months and no less than 14 days. I understand my payment will automatically restart upon the predetermined date, or 3 months from freeze start date (whichever comes first), unless I notify PPYTP for an earlier reactivation date.


I understand that I cannot cancel my membership while it is on hold/suspended. Memberships cancelled while suspended will incur one additional monthly payment prior to being cancelled. My membership will be active for the entire month after that final payment. PPYTP does not pro-rate refunds or allow extensions and/or transfers for a frozen membership."


freezing your membership

6 or 12 month members (anything purchased 1/12 - 7/14)


You are allowed to freeze your membership.  This can be for any reason; injury, work related, vacation etc.


  • We must have 30 days notice.  Email to process this freeze with your requested dates.
  • You can freeze your membership for 1 month or more at a time, no less.
  • Your first month of a freeze is free, following months and separate freezes are $15.


canceling your membership

PPYTP Auto-Pay Memberships (anything purchased August 2014 - current)


Your auto pay schedule may be canceled at any time following the first 3 months of membership. There is no auto-pay cancellation fee. However, if you re-join at a later date, any price changes since the start of your auto-pay contract will be incurred at the start of a new contract. A completed auto pay cancellation email must be received at least 30 days in advance of your billing cycle (example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 14th and you want to cancel for the month of February, you must submit a cancellation request to by January 14th.)
Please note re: the Suspension Policy that suspended memberships cannot be cancelled. All memberships must be active at least 3 months from contract start date and at least 1 month from suspension prior to cancellation.


canceling your membership

6 or 12 month members (anything purchased 1/12 - 7/14)


You may cancel your membership early with no obligation to pay the remainder of your contract fees.  There is an early cancellation fee, that is equal to the price of your monthly payment.  Following request of cancellation, this fee will be processed and the remainder of your membership and charges will be terminated.


You must know the monthly charge date of your account to avoid being charged for a month that you will be away or cancelled.  Be sure to check your account and your monthly receipts for this information!  We are not responsible for automatic charges going through without notice of cancellation or freezing.